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Datacenter/Infrastructure Information

Server Information:

Our servers are cloud based servers with SSD backed SANs.  Xen/Onapp servers running the latest version of all software.  Every server has a daily, weekly and monthly snapshot taken and retained.  We also have a Monthly backup that backs up all accounts to an offsite server in Chicago keeping your data safe from total catastrophe.

Datacenter Location: Buffalo, NY

Located at Main Place Tower in Buffalo, New York, Server Mania leverages the multi-million dollar data center infastructure in order to provide you services with high availabilty and reduced costs. With direct fiber connectivity to New York City and Toronto this strategically located data center will allow you to get more out of your services while spending less money. Our network offers multiple tier1 network providers connected over many 10 Gbps uplinks to assure we are always online.

NY1 facility is SAS70 Type II Certified.

DNS Servers:

Unlike many in the industry we have clustered DNS with multiple locations.  Current DNS servers are Ney York and Seattle.

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